Tips To Reduce Color Printing Costs

A good priming service and policy is something that not many organizations provide to their employees and due to this oversight, this can lead to a lot of wasted profit, papers and toners. Organizations that do not offer the color printing services to their employees means that they have to undergo a lot of cost on getting this service done from outside therefore, a policy for color printing is something that every organization should offer. We have gathered some efficient tips that companies should take into account to reduce the color printing costs.

Print Policy

A print policy is something like a set of rules that should be provided to the employees for printing purposes. There may be different rules for different departments and every individual of that particular department should follow the rules provided to them. These policies can restrict unnecessary color printing and enforce double siding printing in order to save cost. Having a print policy can allow to save cost by about 10%.

Defaults on Print Drivers

The IT department of your company have access to all computers and printers therefore, when it comes to ensuring minimum cost, the IT team can put default settings on everyone’s computers for double sided prints and black and white prints only. This is the fast and easiest thing to do which can be implemented for all people in the organization.

Managed Print Program

An efficient managed print program is far better than a print policy as it incorporates advantages of technology in managing in activities related to printing. The managed print program is pretty famous and effective as they have been proven to save organizations from hassles and cost. It has even come to our knowledge that some companies have actually declared that by going through this program, they have saved up to 30% of their costs on printing. This can also help in ensuring reduction in office waste and subsequently, allow you to achieve your environmentally safe goals.

Black and White

Colour printing services is often considered to be a luxury which may not be a need for most of the organizations or departments, therefore, not everyone should have an access to it. A wise choice is to get a black and white printer for your everyday use. The savings is optimal because a black and white printer only requires one cartridge for the said ink whereas, a colored printer requires various different toners to provide a quality image.

Taking into account the above mentioned steps can clearly help in reducing the printing costs, reduce the wastes that printing brings with it self and results in making your work place greener than it used to be.