How To Choose The Right Meeting Room Setup

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Conducting a meeting seems a lot easier than it could be. You have to do lots of planning and research before you can successfully launch one. Did you know that utilizing the right meeting room setup greatly affects the overall experience of your guests? In fact, it can also affect their engagement and learning in your event. Here are the most commonly used meeting room setups and when to use them.

Auditorium or Theatre Style

In this setup, chairs are arranged into rows with a middle aisle for the guests to pass through. It is usually used on events that have many attendees such as conferences, general meetings or short lectures. The seats are close to each other which limit the guests’ interaction with those people immediately around him.

Classroom Style

This style incorporates tables into the venue which requires a more spacious area. The guests will be seated in rows behind each table and are faced at the stage or the presentation area. This kind of setup is appropriate for meetings that involve note-taking and hands-on activities, perfect for trainings and tests. Commonly, food and beverages are served during the event. There are lots of training room hire available anywhere to make your preparation for your event easier.

U – Shape

Similar to boardroom style, although this one has one table moved to the front for the facilitator. The seats are arranged in a U – formation which helps the facilitator have a good view of everyone. This type is ideal for trainings, workshops, small meetings, and other interactive assembly.

Boardroom Style

This setup utilizes a central table where the participants are seated around. It is perfect for meetings that require lots of interaction from its attendees and is best used if there are only few people involved. Most people who host this type of meeting only look for boardroom hire nearby to lessen the stress on their preparation. This layout is ideal for small meetings and brainstorming.These are just the most commonly used meeting room layouts. There are still other new and unique styles that you can explore. You just need to consider the attendance, area, priorities and safety and comfort of your attendees. If you want a hassle free planning for your event venue, you can also try hiring a meeting room. There are lots of meeting rooms for hire everywhere and they already cater all the preparations needed in your venue – from the arrangement, to the decor and food. You just need to find the perfect space for your event and you’re good.